"Saved, but not Submitted"

I came across the title of this post through the application that I use for my job, to submit my hours each week. Each week, after entering your hours for each day worked, there is a button at the top of the page that says “Submit”, when you are ready to send in your hours. When you have not submitted your hours, (which is Monday through Thursday), the message above that button says “Saved, not Submitted”. One day, on my train ride heading home from work, as I was getting ready to submit my hours for the week, the Spirit spoke to me through this statement and I was immediately convicted.

How often are we living lives where we have received salvation, but still continue to submit to the rulings of the flesh? Living according to the pleasures of the flesh is so gratifying, that is why it took so many of us (including myself), so long to really choose Christ’s Word, Will and Way above our own.

There is a difference, not only in definition, but in lifestyle of one who is Saved and Submitted to what God has called them to.

One may cringe at the word “Submission” because of the association it has to historical events (i.e. Slavery) or even in scripture (i.e.”Wives, submit to your Husbands” Eph. 5:24), but when we limit ourselves to certain contexts, that are often man-made or misconstrued in true meaning, we cannot experience the breadth of what it means to have a relationship to an All-knowing and True God. For you to really live a life of true freedom, purpose and essence, it’s so essential to connect with the Maker of your being.

Think of it this way.

For those who own Apple products, who would you go to when your Macbook, iPhone, or Apple Watch, stops working? Often, we pursue an Apple Store or a location that specializes in Apple products, to assist you with the problem. You would not go to the grocery store, Chase bank, or a location that specializes in Samsung products because more than likely, they would not know what to do with your product or make your product work in a lesser favorable condition than it was in before. You are “submitting” the product to the product specialist, so that they can assess, conjure a conclusion and assist you with coming to a resolution. The act of submission requires you to trust that the specialist knows what they are doing.

This message goes for our lives in Christ. Why do we keep running away from the Specialist of LIFE when He knows who we are, what we are made of, the mess we came from, the family we were raised in, what we did last night, how we reacted in a situation that happened at work today, etc. He created us and knows everything about us, before the creation of Earth. In choosing to submit to Him, I of all people, know how hard it is to let down our guards, verbally express that we need help and do not know what to do and pursue all that He has in store for us. But what freedom we miss when are doing things our own way and not allowing God to do His thing.

I want to remind you today, to stop going everywhere else for your “fix”. Choose ye this day whom you will serve (Joshua 24:15). This is a DAILY choice of heart posture. Nothing that brings pleasure to the flesh and brings dishonor to God, can mend the broken places that are rampant in our heart. It only breeds further dissatisfaction and discouragement, when you are done doing it.

The one true Source is what God says, whether through His Spirit or His Word.

Choose True Life Today!

Until next time,

Peace out Gems ✌🏾

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  1. erikahswift says:

    Reblogged this on Signed With Love .

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  2. Daphne says:

    Oh this is GOOD! These train rides will have you thinking. In all seriousness, I really loved the dapple example with submission – I’ve always looked at submission as slavery and hated the connotation. But this just shifted my perspective so much. Thank you for sharing this! I’m so proud of you sister 💙

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    1. Sandi J says:

      Thank you sister! All a product of the Holy Spirit. You and I both can relate on the submission thing. It is comforting to know that what is vastly portrayed is not necessarily what’s true. I’m excited to see how the shift in perspective will challenge other areas of your life!


  3. Rachael Rotimi-Samuel says:

    I lovee this title at first i was a little bit scared to read because i knew it applied to me in some form but i understand the message behind the title. ‘Nothing that brings pleasure to the flesh and brings dishonor to God, can mend the broken places that are rampant in our heart. It only breeds further dissatisfaction and discouragement, when you are done doing it” . This really spoke to me, thank you for sharing.

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    1. Sandi J says:

      I am so grateful it spoke to you this way! That is the beauty of conviction. It challenges you to shift your perspective concerning an area of your life that God wants to make better. So excited for what will come forth, once God reveals more to you!


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