Hey Y’all!

Welcome to Hidden Treasure! Before you continue reading this post, did you check out the “About” page? I’ll wait… (*gives looking eyes emoji*)

My name is Sandina Joseph, but I go by Sandi. I thought, why not begin this journey with me sharing some facts about ya girl. This part, is a bit hard for me, as I am not used to sharing about myself, but this whole blog is out of my comfort zone, so why not?

1. I love God & I love my Church (Can I get a “Amen”!?)

2. I graduated from the University of West Georgia in December 2017. I obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Community Wellness

3. I love showing out! (Ask anyone who knows me. I live for a well-coordinated outfit & make-up look)

4. Encouraging people is really one of my favorite things to do

5. Ballin’ on a budget is my pastime (Full-price, where?)

6. I represent the glorious island and country of Haiti! (THEEEE First Black Republic to obtain independence from their oppressor)

7. Gospel, Kompa and Afrobeats are my music genres of choice

8. Festival season is my favorite season of the year. From Caribbean to Ice Cream, you can find me at an array of these events in the city

9. I live in College Park, Georgia (Pronounced “Coll-eh Par”)

10. YouTube is one of my favorite sources of inspiration & entertainment

These are just a few things that describe me, but as you continue on this journey with me, you’ll discover more. What are some things we have in common or what are your interests? Comment below.

Until next time,

Peace out Gems ✌🏾

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